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What is HealthStrong?


It’s about healthy mind, body and spirit 


It’s about caring about ourselves and others 

It’s about leading by example

It’s about community

It’s about supporting our local businesses

It’s about equity and fairness

It’s about taking caring of the previous generation

It’s about teaching the next generation


It’s about being Strong and staying Strong

"I am HealthStrong"

"I am HealthStrong"

Fashion Portrait

"I am HealthStrong"


"I am HealthStrong"

Fashion Portrait

"I am HealthStrong"

Young Woman Portrait

Who We Are

HealthStrong is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of veteran healthcare, business, technology, and community leaders who advocate for improvements in health for underserved populations. We believe that through the collective strength of individuals we can address issues of inequity in health by empowering people to be agents of change in their communities.


The HealthStrong App
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